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2022 Health Information Technology (HIT) Survey 

April 6, 2023
Issue Brief 3 Official Press Release: Read HERE

This third Issue Brief, Case Management Functionality, Transitions of Care, and Readmission Prevention, describes findings related to care management programs and their use of technology systems to support care management processes, transitions of care, and readmission prevention programs. 

Mary Beth Newman, MSN, RN, CMGT-BC, CCM, Senior Assistant Vice President at EXL Health and author of this Issue Brief, adds “The impact of the digital age is certainly evident in the analysis of the survey findings. Care management system functionality is being significantly impacted by advances in integrated data analytics paired with a population health management focus. These optimized systems support robust and dynamic case management processes that are more likely to achieve improved clinical, satisfaction, and financial outcomes.”

Issue Brief # 3: Case Management Functionality, Transitions of Care, and Readmission Prevention

November 30, 2022
Issue Brief 1 & 2 Official Press Release: Read HERE

With the rise of digital health and the impact of the COVID pandemic, these and other forces have changed almost every facet of healthcare in recent years. How case managers interface with their patients and the tools they use to do so are prime examples of the changing landscape. The arrival of telehealth and the constant opportunity to use emerging technology applications only adds to the complexity and excitement in trying to communicate and interact effectively and efficiently with patients and among other members of the healthcare team. This has caused rapid transformation in the healthcare system, leading the way for new health information technology (HIT) solutions that enhance and streamline these processes.

In 2008, Schooner Strategies and TCS Healthcare Technologies (now known as Chordline Health) approached a number of organizations to participate in the first in-depth survey of health information technology (HIT) trends impacting the care management field. The American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians, Inc. (ABQAURP) and the Case Management Society of America (CMSA) agreed to co-sponsor the survey. In addition, Trajectory Healthcare, LLC (Trajectory®) joined the survey team for 2012.

The overall goals of all the surveys were to identify the primary trends in HIT systems, the role of case management software applications, the specific functionality within those applications and their impact on the field of case management. The research also looked at other HIT applications and resources that were used to support population health interventions and new strategies that may be needed to care for tomorrow’s technology-related patients.

Issue Brief # 1: Introduction & Methodology Overview
Issue Brief # 2: Communications and Social Media

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